High Powered Water Blasting

The answer for cleaning large areas such as;

  • Public areas & malls
  • Car parks
  • Graffiti removal

We have the machinery

If you need someone with serious cleaning ability to clean your buildings, try us.  With our $130,000 state of the art cleaning rigs using water temperatures in excess of 130 degrees Celsius and over 4000 psi, our commercial pressure cleaning ability is limitless.  From car parks, malls and public areas to multi storey buildings and graffiti removal, we have it all covered.

Over time biological and other types of staining take their toll on commercial buildings, resulting in a Class A property dressed in a tired and drab exterior appearance. 

Keep your building looking fresh and inviting

Our large and varied types of stone restoration and cleaning processes can remove the different types of staining on the stone material, and restore the outward appearance of your building.  To keep a building looking new, we recommend the application of a clear sealant or water repellent after the restoration process.  This will reduce the amount of water that is able to enter the stone. 

Our safe and effective stone restoration services include;

  • limestone
  • masonry
  • marble
  • natural stone
  • faux stone
  • stone cladding

We can also remove rust stains, biological staining and efflorescence from all exterior surfaces.


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