Wet floors, coverings and walls deteriorate the longer they stay wet

Drying carpets, floors, walls & more to reduce the effects of water damage

When it comes to water damage you need fast, effective treatment to stop primary damage resulting in secondary damage. Thorough drying will stop the spread of germs bacteria, and mould spores and mould growth.

We use only the latest, technologically advanced extraction machines and state-of-the-art drying equipment.

Our rapid response and 24-hour service means your water-damaged carpets, floors, walls and furniture get the best possible attention.

Because of the quality of our work, we are the preferred suppliers of leading insurance companies and government agencies.

Water damage

Next to fire, water damage in your home is the most devastating event that can happen to your valuable assets. Take a few minutes to think about what you have in your home right now and the cost to replace it if you were unfortunate enough to suffer a flood whether from outside sources or created within your home. However, there is a high possibility that the majority of your belongings can be saved and the cleanup and repair greatly minimised.

Immediate response is key

At the very first opportunity you must call in the professionals to minimise the catastrophe. By acting quickly many items can be saved and the water damage technicians will prevent the progression of the damage. When water damage is left for any length of time, generally the restoration option for most of your belongings is lost and you are only left with facing replacement or, as in some instances, total loss.

Returning your environment to normality

Whilst any water damage is severe, our experienced team of water damage technicians can restore your home right back to how it was ensuring that all carpets are dried (where practicable), the interior of your walls are checked and dried where necessary, your home is left with a treatment to retard mould growth and deodorised with a spring fresh non-allergenic, anti-bacterial surface treatment.

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The right treatment could save you literally 100's of thousands of dollars — so don’t compromise — call us today on 1800 655 949 for immediate assistance.


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